Privacy Policy

Comments, IP address and spams-how are those three related?

First of all, if you want to leave a comment on our website, you must know how once you leave it, we will have to collect your IP. There is only one reason for that-to reduce spams. That’s all.

Cookies and their purpose

You will be asked to accept different types of cookies at our website based on your activity. The most important cookies you must know about are definitely those made for your activity. Those are main cookies and you can expect them to stay in your browser for 365 days. Other temporary cookies are just used for logins and testing (and last 48 hours). Cookies keep you safe!

Exported data

You can make a request in any moment you want to get your data exported back. That’s a good thing to keep in mind, right?

Your information VS other content

Of course, you will see a lot of content here and you may interfere with it. Yet, not all of that content is ours. Some may be actually made on the other websites. Does that matter? Not much. All you must know about it is how it may happen that it collects your info. Neverthless, it can only collect what you allow (by personally posting it on your profile).

Want to get your data exported back now? You can get it anytime you want.

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